Sunday, 11 March 2012

Final Push

The Health Bill is in its final days in Parliament.

We have seen the Liberal Democrat Conference vote in a significant way against the Health Bill - presenting a problem for Mr Clegg and his Parliamentary colleagues. Grassroot LibDems have spoken out and said they do not like the Health Bill that Nick Clegg, their leader, is completely wedded to. Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron seem to want to ignore the hundreds of thousands of voters and healthcare professionals who have spoken out against the Bill.

We now ask you to Lobby Your MP - please copy and paste the letter below in an email to your MP. Feel free to alter the wording as this can make it more personal. We need to exert as much pressure as possible on our MPs to listen to the enormous opposition to this Bill from all corners of society.

Please copy and paste the letter below then CLICK HERE to find out who your MP is in order to send them the message below.

If you would like to read some background information on the Bill then you can find our briefing document HERE.

Thank you so much for doing your bit to preserve the NHS as an equitable provider of care for all.


"I call upon you as my MP to think again about the concerns raised by many 100,000's health and social care professionals and 170,000 members of the public about the Health Bill. I urge you to put the interest of patients and the future of our health service ahead of party politics and halt this bill now. It is not too late. Once halted health professionals can work with you and others to stabilise the NHS and to then create a health service fit for the 21st Century, based on co-operation and collaboration - not competition.

I consider that the Health and Social Care Bill, if passed, will damage the NHS and widen healthcare inequalities, with detrimental effects on patient care in England."